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#England's Quotes

Warning: May contain bad language (hopefully).


<GanjaMan> i actually asked some kid to set me up with his mother once ingame, and the whole guild were pissing their self

<ibaneez> yes i love touching myself

<Grebe> try to keep up with the convo Grebe

<+Ric> well u shold fell lucky my misses woke up this morning with my spunk on her face

<dorobantumihai> i drew on my dick a bigger dick JUST 4 JIMMIE

!%0220:35:12!%03 (+Grebe) she looks like a fucking gorrilla RossMcColl !%0220:35:27!%03 (+RossMcColl) she can have my banana

<+Kevin_Keegan> I'd love it if we beat them, I'd love it

<Zak> one man's loss, is a milkman's gain

(+Wolfie) smoking is for gays | ? +Riccc smokes Kajia | ? +Kajia fills Ricccs lungs with white goodness

<!%02adam!%03> one of my fucking hdds is gonna die | <Braudan> how do you notice!%09 | <Wolfie> /notice

!%0216:47:00!%03 (+fraZie) oss !%0216:47:02!%03 (+fraZie) ma nigga !%0216:47:02!%03 (+fraZie) sup !%0216:47:11!%03 (+oss) im white you fucking swamp asian

<Wolfie> i dont like keeley | <Wolfie> don't get me wrong, i'd do her - but i don't really like her | <Wolfie> maybe it's the fact she lacks a penis

<Grebe> i wanna see more cocks.

<Avalyn> i loves me a black man | <Avalyn> i mean woman | <Avalyn> WOMAN | !%08 Avalyn cries

<Zak> it would have been much better if loads of buildings came down and shit <FCN|M0rlock> for example ganjas house !%06

<oss> if my mum was fit, id shag her arse but not her cunt

<@Lanmate> I prefer sheep

<+Jaya> Sheep babies!%09 <+kampin_bunny> no just the sheep <+kampin_bunny> im no paedo

<Scotas> I like gay porn

<GanjaMan> Wolfeh, i asked my boss last night !%07any idea which cunt in here has a number 07888 cos they keep fucking calling me!%07, and in a dull tone he replies !%07yes... thats my number!%07

<Riccc> i fucking hate lampard | <Big!%06Roger> lets have sex | <Larissa> lampard is sexy | <oss> take that back Larissa lampard isnt sexy | <oss> i am sexy!

!%0203:16!%03 <+Rammstone> YOUR MOTHER WAS FUCK ME

<+fraZie> stop talking crap mate

<GanjaMan> someome buy me this for me bday please http://www.ashleysextoys.com/store/displayitem.asp!%09product_id=gwtw445b


!%0200:54:58!%03 (+RossMcColl) Fill Jill is better than Kill Bill

<ElDuke> OSS fuckinf GAy you <oss> oh look <oss> hes so enraged he cant type properly <oss> ONE NILL

!%08 Wolfwoman leans her breast against XMAs|M0rlock 's back while sweeping out his ass :D

<Wolfie> think i just broke my wrist spankin the monkey

<JackSchitt> the fact i helped bulid our nuclear deterrent off my head on weed is far more quote worthy {;)}

<RossMcColl> I'm so unfit, we have to break sex into 3 different sessions, with rest breaks inbetween so I can get my breath back

Wolfie+> i have something resembling weasel cock

GanjaMan@> i be tits not!

<Komodo> he sounds gay irl | <Komodo> the way i like it

<Second> i cannot ban me <GanjaMan> +b Second ah but i can! !%08 GanjaMan was kicked by England (I'm sorry Dave, I cannot do that.)

<GanjaMan> oh i'm such a bastard at times...

<Zak> i have to deal with mainframe ops from spain <Zak> and some of the women that work there just sound so fucking hot <Zak> i don't care if they look like fraZie's mum, the accent totally covers for it

<Jaya> And AS french, I failed my oral. (By fail I mean I got a C)

<fraZie> ive been sent bra pics off a 15yr old | <fraZie> uve all been saying they are nice


<Wolfie> i guarantee i'll have over £1mil before im 30

<oss> is it your life mission to support wank kids!%09


<RossMcColl> i've memorised my windows serial key <RossMcColl> just in case i need to reinstall and can't find my piece of paper

<GanjaMan@> thats not bad tho. 20 mins from sitting on here at home naked, to being in work <GanjaMan@> naked

<fraZie> yeah if i could pull my aunty | <fraZie> i can pull anyone

<GanjaMan> i hope nobody here has a weak heart.... cos i'm gonna go bed i think after i roll a fag to take <GanjaMan> snot even 11pm, i must be insane

<Wolfie> Perfekt has a high horse higher than anyone else

<Wolfie> whats the best method of suicide <GanjaMan> killing urself

<triviabot> Question 8: Useless Trivia: By ---------- years old, Americans have watched more than nine years of television. | <Neuromancer> five | <Neuromancer> one | <Neuromancer> two

<`blade> i was really ill on a plane home from the USA once <`blade> that was rough <`blade> shitting and puking at the same time <`blade> not good.

!%02+Grebe!%03 GanjaMan im getting worried about u !%02@GanjaMan!%03 u mean u want to mother me!%09! :D !%02Grebe!%03 id rather do something else to u :p !%02Grebe!%03 i got a semi on now.

<dizmo> my helicopter didnt turn up and ive got a fucking faulty cam | <dizmo> ive never been so depressed in my life

Perfekt+> the irony is that irl i consider myself a feminist

<Wolfie> ..jesus was black | <Zk`> how can you be black and fictional!%09

<GanjaMan> i had a nob transplant as a kid

<+oss> id rather be a yid

<kibars> hello | <xy> hiiii | <xy> can i see ur testicles in webcam!%09


<+Zak> but in their defense, it's because they saw me kiss a guy in the pub :P

<xy> i like to wax my legs etc

<triviabot> Question 9: A group of ducks is called!%09 <GanjaMan> dinner

<Kajia> IRC is just mindless banter that I can get anywhere | <Kajia> No point joining anymore.

<Wolfie> i just got owned by a fanta bottle

<Wolfie> When a man talks dirty to a woman it's sexual harrassment. When a woman talks dirty to a man it's ?3.99 a minute

<Riccc> wtf did i send u all those naked pics of me for then!%09 | <`blade> wanking material

<Dizmo> omg | <Dizmo> some wanker just stole my wheelbarrow

<Perfekt> bet shes actually a fat old hag whipping her potatoe slaves and smoking cigars

!%0220:09:02!%03 (+Wolfie) i have a small cock :(

<Wolfie> WWE Title fight starting | <Wolfie> :D

<Carl> ran out of loo roll :( <Carl> had to use kitchen roll <Carl> like rubbing your arse with sandpaper

<osseh> yeah i sit at home watching top gear on dave with a love egg in my anus

<Kajia> i wank onto my chest | <Kajia> then suck it up thru a straw

<JackSchitt> my gf is a grandma tho

<ArKanis> i know a guy who doesn't need to swallow

<Hessen> I LIEK TEH COCK <3

<Grebe> we need some more fit women dancing | <Grebe> ...like that 4 year old :p

<Avalyn> I slept with Riccc and all I got was this lousy infection.

(18:35:16) (+Hessen) I'll just wait till my daughter si at college and hit on all of her hot friends (18:35:35) (GanjaMan) rofl Hessen i've thought that about my gf's 12y/o girl :p

<Kajia> u not have webcam!%09 | <Riccc> nope | <Kajia> so how were we gonna wank on cam earlier on then.

!%0219:56:34!%03 (+ei) my 14yo niece has bigger ones

<Wolfie> whats the point in nasa | <Wolfie> in armageddon they sent a team of fucking drillers

ラロ quit: (fishbot) (fish@go.moo.oh.yes.they.do) (Killed (!%08.quakenet.org (No idle clone dealing on quakenet.)))

<Jaya> Right, I should go into uni for a bit.

<fraZachriZmas> pics of ur bod christmoss | <fraZachriZmas> top off | <GanjaMan> cock out!%09 | <fraZachriZmas> i wanna see how fat u r

<@Carl> my nephew was following me everywhere <+fraZie> she fit!%09

<oss> its my birds birthday coming up soon | <oss> im going to buy her some femfresh

<Witness!%029!%03> ich liebe dich... faules ei !

<GanjaMan> i need to go get sugar in a min then gonna game all evening incase u get wc or whatever <GanjaMan> although i have blockade !%08woot!%08 :|

sQ-IronAces <sQ-IronAces> i want my own quote, fuckers. <sQ-IronAces> its my bday

<zklw> my claim to fame > !%08 | <zklw> you remember that kevin whately guy from Morse and auf wiedersehn pet!%09 | <zklw> i beat up his son in middle school !%01o/

<Scotas> my ass hurts

<Pangeran> my religy is big in world <GanjaMan> and my cock is big in world

<+M0rlock> damn im hot i could wank to meself

<@GanjaMan> i dont smoke weed

<Siman> im a cop you idiot

<oss> i had a pair of arseless leather chaps on!%09

<dizmo> see i havent got a problem with gays but if one comes near me il be sure to fuck him

<GanjaMan> a tranny!%09 | <Perfekt> hopefully | <Perfekt> <3 ladybois

(+Jimmie) Note to self: Never meet Riccc irl.

<Wolfeh> Penis size: 4!%07, willing to increase with Boltagra

<fraZie> gary barlow is looking fit like

!%0223:17:29!%03 (@`blade) i'll bring the lube

<Dave-O> haha gotta love the british sense of humour :p <GanjaMan> yer good point, my wages are a joke

!%02+oss!%03: the advantage of adoption is atleast you can 100% be sure you dont get a ginger kid

!%02+Witness-!%03 my penis is about 9 cm

<laflaka26> hi its any body here!%09 <laflaka26> im a peruvian girl <Riccc> im a pervian man

<Megazilla> Speak english you cock.

<RossMcColl> i never tasted any virgins

!%0201:30:21!%03 (+kampin_bunny) girlfriend gets back tomorrow !%01o/ | !%0201:30:42!%03 (+RossMcColl) re-inflated!%09

!%0220:27!%03 <Ricccc> i used to have dreads !%0220:27!%03 <Ricccc> but that was because i didnt wipe my ass

!%0200:14!%03 <+Perfekt> hmm.. more likely its some psychological hangup from thinking of sex as 'dirty' as a kid | !%0200:14!%03 <+Perfekt> thats what i tell myself anyway...

<ganjaman> yes i did kinda burn down my local texico when i was 7 :p <`Blade> ROFROORLAOLFFL <Jimmie> HOW!%09 <ganjaman> with a match ofc <ganjaman> i wa only playing! <ganjaman> i thought it was fun to poke a match in a car door and set it alight, then run. how did i know it would burn down the garage and car sales lot behind it

<oss> coke should be compulsory for secretaries it makes you type at about 250 wpm

!%0213:38:09!%03 (+RossMcColl) wife loves me pissing on her !%0213:38:26!%03 (+RossMcColl) although we've taken to having to use plastic sheets on the bed !%0213:38:32!%03 (+RossMcColl) so we dont' ruin the duvets

<Miel> Zak..hmmmm..very true.............kajia is a fool..and frazie can't get pussy if he paid for it lol

<GanjaMan> PoisonIvy its got like 7 of the 10 most deadly ceartures in the world.. why else would we send crims out there years ago!%09 :pp

<Kajia> i wanna change my cock!

<+Wolfie> tried brocoli!%09 <+Wolfie> that feels me up good

<Wolfie> i'm not actually that happy with the size of my penis

<ei> i've taken a new photo of mine <ei> http://img265.imageshack.us/img265/9154/bob022cx2.jpg

!%02+fraZie!%03 i'll tell you which arsenal youngsters bum crack id lick

(@GanjaMan) it all depends on ur package so to speak Neuromancer

!%0216:41!%03 <Wolfie> my breast is itchy

<JackSchitt> my ef gfs mate gave her bf viagra and he still had the horn on sat morn when he had to play rugby :)

<GanjaMan> i only ever played 1 instrument once - a triangle when i was about 5 in a school play, and i only had to ding it once at the end solo, but cos i bot bored waiting i got the stick thing wedged in a gap in the triangle and missed my part. that was the end of my musical career there :(

<GanjaMan> i want the house where anna frail or whoever had that 1st lesbo kiss. i'd just wank meself dry there

<Mick!%06> i have to admit, the kop in full voice, singing you'll never walk alone is pretty amazing

<+Jaya> Also, my point was even if you do believe in God - it often doesn't matter whether he exists or not.

<Hessen> I failed alevel IT and computing, twice :(

!%02+RossMcColl!%03: i was watching the england u15 boys the other day, felt like a right paedo

<Perfekt> ill ask GanjaMan when he shows up | <Wolfie> GanjaMan is dead | <Wolfie> RIP | !%08 Quits: @GanjaMan (~GanjaMan@staff.quakenet.org) (Ping timeout)

<ChrisTicTacs> I'm gay! Try and quote that you fucks! :D

<triviabot> Question 2: UnScramble this Word: s a r d p o e d e!%09 | <+M0rlock> paedobears | <+Jani> lmfao | <@GanjaMan> rofl

<GanjaMan> ur host is even in some of the code for 1 part of it :p <Salt> :( <Salt> GanjaMan! You've started people /whois flooding me!

<+Witness> i stroke at the exam today

<Perfekt> ive broken a girls hymen with my tongue

<+imorrow> Yeah. I was at a thingy with my class when i studied. And we were at a nature thing. whatever. And listened to a geek who really cared about the environments. So, she was going to buy some stuff at the supermarket. Her fiance was going to by an apple and she said !%07R u really going to buy that!%09!%07 !%07U know, it has shipped all the way from asia, that isnt good 4 the enviroment.!%07 So he didnt by the apple. Isnt that a good story

!%0202:14!%03 <GanjaMan> yer Lanmate i cought my new cat eating my pc's power cable the other day :|

!%0220:13:00!%03 (+Kampin_Bunny) cu later, me mates taking me dogging | !%0220:13:03!%03 ??? Kampin_Bunny has quit IRC (Signed off)

!%0201:16!%03 <+Wolfie> Perfekt actually makes sense

<GanjaMan> Grebe whats a porno mag and shannon matthews got in common!%09 you hide both under the bed after u had a wank over em

<Mr_Bandit> shut it frog face <Sureshot> seriously, find a better insult <Sureshot> it's boring me now <Mr_Bandit> shut it bayson head!

(10:46:01) (@GanjaMan) i met a bird at an orgie once

!%08 GanjaMan was kicked by England ( Vote passed.)

<oss> id rather be a yid than purple aki!

<GanjaMan> a friend of my mothers called earlier and had to drop stuff off, so i ask her to beep when she's outside. i hear the beep and run outside upto the car and try to open the boot, and the fucking car screaches off.... turns out its the wrong car and i just shit the life outa some old lady who lives over the road :(

<fraZie> ever shagged someone out of pity!%09 <Hessen> does the wife count

<Carl> im not gonna wash for the rest of the year

<Kaine> but she decided to get drunk and sleep with her ex.. claiming she only did it because she was thinking of me | <Kaine> so i was like 'wait.. wut!%09'

<GanjaMan> last night in work about 3am some woman comes in off the street and asks if i wanan buy a shirt, so i politely say no thanks, and she asks if its cos i think she's a crack head when she really goes to uni, so agian i politely say its just cos i dont buy shirts very often, and she points at the 1 i'm wearing, tells me she can see that by the state of mine, and then she walks out :( <Wolfie> hahha <GanjaMan> i g

<oss> i used to be banned from the burger van | <oss> i got caught stealing bacon when they were turned round

<Wolfie> i dont mind blowing people off

<Wolfie> i just almost drowned on my own saliva | <RossMcColl> Wolfie - you need to learn to swallow on the outstrokes

<Zak> this whole channel is just GanjaMan having a dementia episode

<GanjaMan> ur getting as bad as RossMcColl | <Wolfie> learn from the best

<@Carl> not being able to drive is like not hacking a dick

/+Kajia/ crouch, what a name for a tall guy

<+Zak> i just spent about three minutes looking for trousers before realising i'm wearing them :D

<+fraZie> i've just found the perfect angle for my face when taking photos | <+Komodo> camera facing the opposite direction!%09

<Wolfie> since GanjaMan will always scroll up his channels to see what he missed the night before, i am going to call him a cunt on this highlighted line so when he gets back he knows i called him a cunt

<Achaemenid> i only changed my ip because i was banned from /b/ for child porn :D

<`blade> i remember once i rang it up <`blade> said something like <`blade> Hello im 29 years old and i have no pubes is there something wrong with me!%09 <`blade> or some shit like that <oss> still something wrong with you mate

<GanjaMan> dont even bother saying it, i'll get me goat

!%08 GanjaMan is away: licking a tart out of a sweaty belly

<+fraZie> ur thcik as fuck

<Grebe> i need to take a shit

<GanjaMan> i'm not suprised u dont do pvp btw, i can jsut imagine how polite u r... !%07this is your 3948234th warning, stop shooting at me or shoot back!%07 :p

<MUHAMMAD> ganga mean in urdu without hair

<xy!%06> morning. time to start drinking

<+Wolfie> whats the res of 1080p

<Zak> classic fm > !%08

<GanjaMan> if ur bored join me in trying to tempt little kids into ur car :p

<GanjaMan> or that black dude | <Salt> yeah, in a bikini

11,1+Ric             14ユ oss | 11,1+Firestarta      14ユ oss is currently away !%02outside raving to the sound of a car alarm!%03

<First> GanjaMan dnt want to do job that ur doing atm , or sit on pc everyday.

!%0217:10:33!%03 (@GanjaMan) omg Grebe u seen that corset thing she's got on!%09 it looks like them pregnancy belly suites me wear ffs

<fraZie> my cock gets to a state of 24/7 hardon unless i dont

<Wolfie> im chatting up some random dude

<GanjaMan> or, and dont laugh, if u know someone with a cat try n get something thats been pissed on, cos cats piss will keep any rodents out

<Kajia> im less camp than GanjaMan | <GanjaMan> .

<xy> lol im slow

!%0217:44:56!%03 ??? ENGLAND|1966 (Joined #england) | !%0217:45:34!%03 (ENGLAND|1966) ayup old chaps | !%0217:46:14!%03 (+RossMcColl) fuck off you foreign cunt | !%0217:46:24!%03 (ENGLAND|1966) i'm english m8


<GanjaMan> i have as much power as a rubber chicken

<Kajia> i was MCing last night <Kajia> at a club <Kajia> they didnt ask me too <Kajia> but the mic was hanging over the edge <Kajia> got 8 words in before it was taken bak <oss> what were your 8 words Kajia <oss> i hope they was good <Kajia> coochie coochie coo honey o i love you BO <Kajia> on the Bo the dj grabbed it <Kajia> lool <Kajia> AND I WASNT EVEN DRUNk <Kajia> IM MAD ENOUGH WITHOUT THE GEAR MATE

<Mooie> i booked a time today at the clinic to check if i got any sexually transmitted diseases. | <Mooie> i had a used condom glued on my ear this morning | <Mooie> my mom came into my room and saw it and started to yell... then my dad came in and started to yell too lol

<dizmo> although im suprised you didnt quote me saying !%07i need to lube it up!%07 and !%07its such a tight hole i cant get it in!%07

<Gazza> Have you noticed that if you rearrange the word !%07immigrants!%07 and add a few more letters its says.... | <Gazza> FUCK OFF HOME YOU HAIRY FACED, SANDAL WEARING , BOMB MAKING, BENEFIT GRABBING, SMELLY CUNTS

? Miel smooches Komodo | <GanjaMan> good. thats the reason i am here :p

<kampin_bunny> i once had a fire making bacon | <kampin_bunny> it was weird coz i was making it in the microwave

<fraZie> i prefgger all english teams to win <fraZie> but im realistic, not stupid fan blinded by their love for ronaldos shiny tanned cock!

(+Ric``) i wear womans clothing and wank to my self in the mirror | (+Komodo) oh you do that too Ric``

<Firestarta> the only crack I like is the stuff GanjaMan smokes <wolfie> dick then <Firestarta> meanies

(fraZie) fs | (fraZie) im crying | (fraZie) i cant believe this. | (fraZie) wtf are hollyoaks playing at

<RossMcColl> i'd rather listen to a westlife album

<fraZie> in first school canteen i used to show my cock under the table

<Wolfie is now playing: lesbians play with toys xxx | <Wolfie> Shit wrong button

(Mr_Bandit): Im a nicer person then you'll ever ever be... (oss): lol shut up bandit (Mr_Bandit): just face it, u cant hax it can u cus your a fucked up jerk with no pubes

<fraZie> whats the worst thing u done while having sex to a girl | <fraZie> im not saying mine | <fraZie> its too bad | <oss> it was probably like covered a dildo in vindaloo and stuck it up her arse

<Wolfie> forgot my uni inet login info now i cant get on the internet

<+ChubZee> i am unquotable <+ChubZee> apart from quoting everything i now say

<@GanjaMan> i like the open home hub thats around here. the router has no web admin passy and its front page has the telephone number of the customer | <@GanjaMan> so i was gonna phone him up once and ask him to stop downloading cos its lagging me

!%08 niegro was kicked by England

<oss> i hate mcdonalds burgers <oss> they make me need a shit in about 10 minutes

Stoned: can u spam!%09 | dage: lets spamm some shit! | dage: lol | dage: lol | dage: lol | dage: lol | dage = Killed (!%08.quakenet.org (You are violating network rules)!%02By S!%03

<+Wolfie> is gay

<Zak`> i am a bit of a cunt, actually | <Zak`> i share transport with this guy who lives near me, and we always get to work about 30 minutes late | <Zak`> and whenever he's off sick i get in 10 minutes early to make it look like it's always his fault

<fraZie> ur acting as if ur jealous i fingered a 6yr old girl

<Wolfie> how can it be hard | <GanjaMan> it'll be up tonight Wolfie

<Wolfie> my sister is a lesbo

!%0210:46:46!%03 <+Zak> my arse has been around man

<+Dazza> you're most incorret.

<fraZachriZmas> why the fuck am i betting on basketball | <fraZachriZmas> ive never seen a game in my life.. | <fraZachriZmas> cmon miami

<+RossMcColl> !g define: muffin <@England> C!%08nt is automatically replaced with !%07muffin!%07 in the forums @ http://www.bagsofcrap.com/glossary/ ( http://www.google.com/search!%09hl=all&q=define:+muffin )

(jises) bloody = brittish version for !%07fuckin!%07..... | (+Rikushi) bloody = something covered with blood

<GanjaMan> fraZie i cant even see me cock or feet if i stand straight and look down :p

!%0213:09!%03 <+Ashwee> i'm a total fag who loves penis, especially crunchy

<Jaya> Ich mache mein Hausaufgaben. <Pfury_das_Ferd> Jaya: !%07meine!%07

<bobz> just back from getting a kebab <bobz> and realised on the way home, my neighbour hood is burning down <bobz> 5 of the garages just got petrol bombed to fuck

? Wolfie twats GanjaMan around with a rubber penis | <GanjaMan> i wish

<Kajia> I WASNT TRYING TO DO AN AMSG | <Kajia> Leaves #England | <Kajia> Joins #England | <Kajia> Hey guys | <Kajia> hows things | <Kajia> just signed on

<Gazza> black bastard Gazza | <Gazza> fuck | <Gazza> GanjaMan

<oss> il tell you who will suck your dick <oss> YOUR MUM <GanjaMan> i wish :(

<ganjaman> i felt like a right cunt today <ganjaman> cos me gf gets here like 10am, so i drop a pill so i aint sick, and the cunt makes me fall asleep 45 mins later, for 7 hours :|

<@Carl> i need to brush up on the female anatomy <@Carl> bbl

<Kaine> ...i like a scottish girl | <Jaya> Been there.

!%0219:20:10!%03 (+RossMcColl) rule of life: it's only illegal if you get caught | !%0219:20:23!%03 !%08 RossMcColl goes back to his kiddie porn

<ElDuke> lol i just laughed at someone who put some of what i've said to some internet-irc-quote-site

<Wolfie> Lanmate help me with good excuses for blowing people off

<Tone> its april 1st, i'm not believing anything GanjaMan says today until 12pm

<Sureshot> stop tormenting the fake deadey! !%08 Mr_Bandit wishes i can reach through the monitor and hit him <Sureshot> what if he's 7'8 and a black belt bandit <Mr_Bandit> i'll own with my 7'9 brown belt

<Mick`> i let the chef whip me in work for a sausage

<xy> if ive got problems i drink or smoke | <xy> and look at me now, im fine | <xy> u make it sound like im not fine

<M0rlock|Grinch> hey token <M0rlock|Grinch> how was church :o <Token> it was wicked fun <M0rlock|Grinch> did u tell them ure jesus!%09 <Token> nah but i asked where he was cos i had a bottle of water, and i wanted to get pissed

<Jimmie> wolfie you smoke the same thing Firestarta smokes <Jimmie> COCK <Firestarta> Wolfie chokes, i take it like a man <Wolfie> i lost my gag reflex when i was 8, uncle taught me well

(23:32:30) (+Komodo) just spent ~30 mins editing the same php file wondering why nothing would change when i refreshed in browser | (23:32:34) (+Komodo) ...was refreshing wrong page

<Wolfie> !%0201:01!%03 <@oss> she is a sperm bank :p <oss> were not talking about your mum here mate

<+Grebe> your such a thick cunt GanjaMan. <+RossMcClaus> you're!%08

<@GanjaMan> the only rain we had when when i rode him at like 2am

<Grebe> i have both a poon and a peener. big fucking deal.

<+RossMcClaus> I remember ordering a double baileys and cock in the pub

!%08 Gazza has quit IRC (Killed (!%08.quakenet.org (yo momma so fat she need her own zip code)))

<+!%02LogiteX!%03> i changed my nick to `Q | <+!%02LogiteX!%03> and got killed o/ | !%08 Braudano is now known as `Q | !%08 `Q (WTFZOR@Braumeister.users.quakenet.org) Quit (Killed (!%08.quakenet.org (Reserved Nickname (ID: 50b42422))))

<FCN|M0rlock> my shit its delicious

<@GanjaMas> kinda reminds me of my circumcision, where i'd have to dip me bell end in a cop

<FCN|M0rlock> ure working too much dave <GanjaMan> !%08wanking

<Wolfie> i actually have a small penis

!%02+oss!%03 a fucking rolling paper for a bottle of fine champagne !%02+oss!%03 what a fucking mug!

<GanjaMan> Grebe take a parmo in there to keep u warm while u shit I FAT FUCK

<gm` > I wanna play with Rammstone

<Grebe> them nytol things r pretty good | <Grebe> dont see why u have to put then up yr arse tho

<fraZie> Firestarta | <fraZie> im prob 10X more intellectual than you

!%0200:59!%03 <@GanjaMan> hhmm gonna lay in bed for 40 mins with a fag

<@not_blade> can i have my name back now plz. | !%08 RossMcColl is now known as `blade | !%08 Quits: @not_blade (Killed (!%08.quakenet.org (Nick collision)))

(@GanjaMan) ffs my cat just attacked a kitchen roll and shredded it, so i take it off him, and the wanker bites me really hard on the sholder :|

<+Hessen> when I walking through the main hall at i37 | <+Hessen> random stranger shouted BOOMER at me :(

<JackSchitt> i passed my driving test stoned <JackSchitt> but then i took all my lessons caned too :)

<dizmo> ffs its stopped again i need to lube it up | <dizmo> thats the problem with tight holes its not easy to get the fucking lube in

<DannyBoy> i've fucked my mates daughter tbh

<Miel> i love this fucking room....it's like twilight zone on crack !%06_!%06

<kampin_bunny> agh ffs maybe i am having a heart attack | kampin_bunny (~bunny@Kampin_Bunny.users.quakenet.org) Quit: Signed off

<Wolfie> mines a lil todger

(+triviabot) Question 6: What was st. paul's trade before he converted!%09 | (+Salt) protitute

<dage> nope i havent cut my own dick <dage> i have thinked about it

<Opinie> this has to be the only channel where you can get guidance on just about anything pretty much around the clock

<Mr_Bandit!%06Serv> i want a USB Barometer next <oss> why dont you get a usb tampon so you can stick it in your mouth you stupid cunt <Mr_Bandit!%06Serv> what a USB tampon!%09

<xy> GanjaMan r u here!%09 | <xy> i hate u

«+oss» i forgot how much of a retard bandit was

<oss> house 28 left their door open so we put a wheelie bin in their hall aswell <oss> one of the proper big industrial ones :D

`blade: controller went dead just as you came

<Opinie> now I'll sound like a complete fool and I assure that it's due to sleep deprivition, but king arthur is a book, right!%09

<+Firestarta> all you have to do is not say anything filthy and you'll never be quoted

<Booty> !%07I love Take That!%07 ? Blade |<`blade> nothing wrong with take that :d | <RossMcColl> Take That own

<GanjaMan> !%07where all the men who ride forth. wher the sheep cannot graze!%07 fucked up lyrics. fucking sheep shaggers

<Scotas> YOU MUST TALK WITH CAPS ON | !%08 Scotas (~gr@Scotas.users.quakenet.org) Quit (Killed (!%08.quakenet.org (You are violating network rules, ID: 14146969)))

<oss> ive had my ipod since first year at uni and it still works fine. <Kajia> so uve had it - 3 months

<master!%06> lol my sister back <master!%06> i think i fuck her mate 2night <GanjaMan> curse my dyslexia, i read that as !%07i think i fuck her 2night mate!%07

Wolfie > when i move out i plan to learn how to cool

!%0214:28:48!%03 <unknown-_-> it's christmass not christmoss you know!%09...

!%0223:18:19!%03 (@GanjaMan) and everyone knows fridays are for getting ur bikini wax. saturdays is when we hit the gay bars

<@Wolfie> coz then we could ask people like GM lanm8 oss dan jaya <@Perfekt> nah no girls <@Perfekt> so cant include oss <@Wolfie> coz then we could ask people like GM lanm8 dan jaya <@Wolfie> beat me to it

(@Carl) my arse is hurting so much

<oss> wtf is a ruhrpott

<+Jaya> My words and stupid :(

<oss> on your shared knowlege i just got married to someone

test ok

<GanjaMan> i had a competition with a girl i know on here, and 1 night we both went out on the pull to see how many women we could both snog or get phone numbers for, and she fucking beat me :(

? +LFC|Big!%06Roger np: David Hasselhoff - Do The Limbo Dance !%0202:30!%03

<+Wolfie> and i held victoria beckham at random for £10m

<GanjaMan> fs her kids have sneaked outa bed when we were downstairs watching tv, and found the vibrators we bought which were hidden in her bedroom top cupboard

<Dan> I'm a homo

<Drahmen> I unbutton your blouse and start to massage your brest. | <Higgs23> I moan and start to undo your pants. | <Drahmen> Wait a minute...This is the wrong window. | <Higgs23> I noticed. | <Drahmen> WTF dude!%09

<GanjaMan> hhmm let me think about it.. k i've thunk

<betmee> hey. Im a danish boy, and i seek a young english boy, for some normal talking on msn or mIRC

<oss> me, i look like a fucking fat cunt in pics

!%08 !%06Heiden was kicked by England ( Don't say that on #England please.)!%08 !%06Heiden has joined #england <!%06Heiden> Don't say that on #England please. What is !%07that!%07 !%09!%09 !%08 !%06Heiden was kicked by England ( Don't say that on #England please.)

!%0222:56:38!%03 (@GanjaMan) dude i'd tap a fucking tree if it had a hole, but we aint talking about me :p

<fraZie> so i got a teacher who used to come to my house | <fraZie> anyways she was in the pisser and she left the door open | fraZie> and i needed a piss so i just walked in | <fraZie> and had a piss in the toilet while she was sitting down doing it

<Wolfie> who is nietzsche

<@GanjaMan> and u cant beat a good intelectual debate on irc

<John_Bunnel> Look around, no matter where you are.. it could happen to you. Because desperate IRC Criminals will stop at nothing.. to make your irc experience hell. | <John_Bunnel> If you let your guard down, even for an instant.. could mean disaster.

<SamM> She turned out to be 13 | <SamM> Ignore my paedo comments

<GanjaMan> i want ur collection of 14!%07 dildos if u die!

(AK2211) i want to know english better than i know now | (AK2211) hope you understand me | (AK2211) much better | (+Riccc) sorry i aint got a clue what ur saying

(12:00:38) ?? Description: The problem of sex offenders on MySpace now appears to be much larger than the company initially suggested. The social networking site said earlier this week that it had deleted 29,000 sex offender profiles. (12:49:56) (+Grebe) they havnt deleted mine yet!

<oss> ive just realised ive broken a nail

<Wolfie> i fucked a man | <Wolfie> does that make me gay

<Kampin_Bunny> once i thought i had a heart murmur but it turned out just to be the clock ticking in the background

<Grebe> hey if my sister looked like that.. id be tempted :p

<Wolfie> .ro is banned <GanjaMan> is it still!%09 <Wolfie> GanjaMan done for #england what blair should have done for England

<kampin_bunny> i want the pooey way :P

<Carl> are you working xmas day!%09 <Token> nah, although i should be <Token> i told em i've gotta go to church :p <Token> they fucking believed me too :D

<oss> Q: how do you circumcise GanjaMan A: kick pat butcher in the jaw

GanjaMan: <+Riccc> ive had 4 wanks in the space of an hour <-- oh do fuck off with the windups already... i'm lucky if i can manage that a week nowdays ffs :p

<Perfekt> my iq is in the 150s

!%0217:21:36!%03 (@GanjaMan) +b Grebe fuck off !%0217:21:38!%03 ユユユ GanjaMan has been kicked by England (I'm sorry Dave, I cannot do that.)

<GanjaMan> also they use an anal probe to make sure u aint got drugs up ur arse | <xy> im glad that they didnt need rubber gloves

<xy-> any1 here!%09 | <RossMcColl> no | <!%05UE!%04LgZ`Drunk> no | <Dave-O> no | <xy-> ok

<Wolfie> 20000 miles for a shag jack, wouldnt it have been easier to go down the street corners


<+Zak> mine is about 7!%07 long

<Mr_Bandit> fibre optic soooo laggy it's like carrying packets to europe or USA via a hair strand! <Sureshot> ... <Mr_Bandit> image 1 hair strand to carry packets <Sureshot> do you have any concept of the speed of light!%09 <Sureshot> no!%09 i didn't think so <Mr_Bandit> speed of light 800 mph <Mr_Bandit> i think <Mr_Bandit> 830 <Mr_Bandit> odd <Andy!%06!%06> its a bit faster than that <Mr_Bandit> in your dreams Andy!%06!%06

<GanjaMan> bollocks am i!

<oss> i wouldnt drive to a pub 20 metres down the road <oss> i like to help the environment

<ta`e> does anyone by accident know if it is possible to borrow a rowing boat in kingston, get up the thames and get rid of it in oxford!%09

<Wolfie> my mum has great priorities <Wolfie> i get cornflakes <Wolfie> dog gets scrambled egg

<GanjaMan> i met up with a band 2 months ago and agreed to be their sound/lighting engineer on their live gigs. sounds wicked except the cunts aint done a gig to date

<Grebe> what chest size is medium!%09 | <GanjaMan> how the fuck would i know | <GanjaMan> really. i'm 32 and my mother buys all my clothes | <GanjaMan> paste that and ur so fucking stalked to death its unreal :p

<fraZie> maybe once im in her | <fraZie> and came | <fraZie> id say | <fraZie> for the turn on | <fraZie> ur my mum

<Wolfie> oss can i borrow your gf <Wolfie> i need to lose weight

<`blade> i remember pukeing up once, i made my mate puke up <`blade> ahaha <`blade> cause i was laughing

<ENG|Witness> rooney is a sweet guy...

<Carl> last week at work we decided we would blame problems on star trek related issues when someone internal came to us <Carl> asked us that a server was running slowly and a database was not up and running <Carl> we said the flux capacitor was a bit old and needed replacing

<Proto> dose any one know were i can go to b a ringer

<oss> Wolfie has a meat bat for a cock <Toooney> lol <oss> its like a babys arm holding an apple

<GanjaMan> yay loads of yanks dead in that bridge collapse

<mr4mrs> ass who r u <+oss> !%08oss

<Firestarta> i farted just as the last canary wharf bomb went off and all the windows in the house shook <Firestarta> i was like.. no way <!%02LogiteX!%03> !%07i can do anything!%07 !%08raises hand to the twintowers!%08 !%07KABOOM!!%07.. !%07oh.. er.. shit!%09!%07

<Gazza> GanjaMan: Do you know anyone that repairs sat navs!%09 because mine keeps telling me that liverpool is in europe

?GanjaMan bends over | <xy> yeah | <xy> knew it | <xy> you gay! | <xy> cant fucking wait to come to london

<oss> bollocks i forgot to buy toilet roll!

<+Ad3l> i was only 24 when I died | <+!%02LogiteX!%03> meh!%09

<GanjaMan> gimme a fit fucking 18yo who just want my cock

<ei> a pigeon just shat on my shirt whil i was waiting for train

<Skydeh> best way to kill yourself, tie cheeswire to your neck and ceiling, glue your hands to your head and then jump. Looks like you have then physically ripped your own head off

<RossMcColl> has anyone else ever wondered if old woman breastmilk tastes different to young girls!%09 | <RossMcColl> or is it just me

<oss> my ip means ive got a massive penis

lol if christmoss went to ally pally in the end since the world darts final is on there tonight <GanjaMan> he'll think its a fucking weight watchers convention

<+Miel> Asia is considered a 3rd world country

<GanjaMan> LETS DO THE TIME WARP AGAIN <GanjaMan> ITS JUST A JUMP TO THE LEFT <GanjaMan> and then a step to the riiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiight <GanjaMan> I'M JUST A SWEET TRANSVESTITE FROM TRANSSEXUAL TRANSILVANIA

<fraZachriZmas> omfg i wud wank till im dry i swear

<+Dave-O> whats wrong with james blunt

<WeLwIsHer> hey i wana knw how far england iz frm london

<Mr_Bandit> i need a bloody drink, air con room to a ict room thats nearly 100F is thirst freaching <Mr_Bandit> change it to quenching please <Zimri!%06!%06> no, because that might make it look like you know what the fuck you're talking about

<!%02LogiteX!%03> Ganjaman was probably having a joint when the planes crashed, !%07woh, this is good shit!%07

<GanjaMan> and my cock is big in world

<Grebe> +b GanjaMan !%08 GanjaMan was kicked by England (Banned (UB1228256460)) !%08 England sets mode: +b !%08!ganjaman@staff.quakenet.org

<GanjaMan> oooooo Carl i had a dream about u the night b4 last! | <GanjaMan> i was playing mu (an mmorpg) and i was trying to buy a really nice item from another player but i didnt have enough money, so i agreed with the player that i'd mortgage Carl's house for it :p


<GanjaMan> i aint felt as much of a cunt as i did then for ages :p

<Rammstone> whats the difference between FTP and UTP network cables

<Wolfie> i like big butts

<RossMcColl> GanjaMan <RossMcColl> your fav show on soon <GanjaMan> which is!%09 <RossMcColl> porn


<Wolfie> im such a turd

!%02+oss!%03 everton fans are the liverpool version of tottenham fans

!%0213:50:53!%03 (+RossMcColl) if that was a blokes ass !%0213:50:56!%03 (+RossMcColl) i'd still hit it

<Wolfie> jumping in front of a train is probably the best, but it's such a disturbance for oth <GanjaMan> exactly <GanjaMan> but nah i'd call that risky <GanjaMan> knowing my luck i'd wake up a head in a jar like futurama

<Wolfeh> now i know how it feels when i'm being the cunt

<fraZie> sorry lads but asian cocks look much nicer due to our natural tan, you guys are just fucked from birth bad luck


<fraZie> i used to push my cousin on the floor to look up her skirt

<fraZie> ive even been chatting up a 40 yr old bird <fraZie> for the crack lol <fraZie> getting pics off her

<kampin_bunny> im not a car person either, i wouldnt even wash mine | <kampin_bunny> i rely on the chavs on a friday peeing on it

<@GanjaMan> hhmm Perfekt that reminds me - i wonder if guys damage 1 bollock more than the other over the years if they only wank with the same hand

!%0215:30:09!%03 (+RossMcColl) old enough to bleed, oldl enough to take a cock up her ass

<Riccc> theres a spider on me wall | <Riccc> lol | <Riccc> im gonna eat it | <Roccc> lol

<Firestarta> there was an usually loud thunderstorm over london and we both thought a bomb had gone off <Firestarta> it was close Jimmie <Firestarta> i actually curled up in my bed waiting for the nuclear heatwave to turn me into charcoal

<`blade> i got sex the other day. | <RossMcColl> it was my wedding anniversary on monday | <RossMcColl> so i got a bj

!%0216:38:40!%03 (+Kampin_Bunny) anal cum drinking > !%08

<GanjaMan> dont ask me, i gave it a tenner to go get some beers and its fucked off with me money :(

<fraZie> anything over 3 years is old

<kampin_bunny> recreational bike riding on me sisters pink bike for me

<@GanjaMan> what a genious

!%0203:20!%03 <+Riccc> i knew i should of took a picture of me tea bagging her and uploaded it to facebook !%0203:21!%03 <+Riccc> omg that reminds me !%0203:21!%03 <+Riccc> i got a picture of me violating thomas the tank engine

<Carl_> found a new way to annoy my neighbour <Carl_> he plays his music up quite loud <Carl_> and obviously has his speakers next to the wall on my side <Carl_> i put my mobile on silent and call it from the house phone <Carl_> and he gets mobile phone speaker noise <Carl_> suprisingly quickly how fast he turned it off

<GanjaMan> fuck i forgot to put the snooker back on | <Mick!%06> gtfo with snooker | <Mick!%06> emmerdales on

17:04:04 /+oss/ 30 years ago 30 white men chasing a black man was called the KKK, nowdays its called formula 1

<@GanjaMan> ggrr my gf gets here soon, and i cant stop doing stella farts :(

<Wolfie> depressing <Wolfie> my sister gets fitter birds than i do <Wolfie> that being said, i should probably add i get none

<TheGrinch> i asked one for magnesia where i can get that and one thought i wanted to build a bomb and he told me hes from the qnet anti-terror unit

!%02+Riccc!%03 its little green catipiler like thing !%02+Riccc!%03 just dropped out my hair

<zuko`> soz dunno how the points thing works out | <zuko`> but what would the outcome need to be in order for arsenal to gain 5 points in tonights game

<Feusbeuket> GanjaMan please smoke a poked i'm new please i perform this chan !%06!%06

<fraZie> i fucking snogged my auntie when 7, who was 8

<oss> well i thought the world would explode if mr_bandit had sex <oss> but hes done that now and we are still here

<GanjaMan> i have crabs!

<Grebe> and i figured out how to open the washing machine

<oss> lmao oh yeah i forgot | <oss> for some reason i went to the petrol station and shoplifted loads of peanuts | <oss> dunno why


<RossMcColl> i'm smothering loyd grossman pasta sauce on my nipples

<GanjaMan> Pangeran i'll fuck you and your feligion till the cows came home if it made u stuf

<debbs> afterall we have a lot in common me and miel <Wolfie> you've both fucked JackSchitt!%09

<GanjaMan> i love how the sky news presenter says !%07home owners!%07 like !%07homo....ners!%07

?? Jaya (~Jaya@host81-153-56-114.range81-153.btcentralplus.com) Quit (Signed off) | <GanjaMan> !%08Signed off.

<oss> ive molested a 5 year old actually | <oss> so there

<Dave-O> i just missed the toilet bowl

<GanjaMan> so much for me getting a new pair of pink fluffy handcuffs from there now :( <GanjaMan> er <GanjaMan> i didnt say that

<fraZie> im a fan of the trusty balti <fraZie> jal fraZie ofc... <fraZie> yes i took my fucking nick from a curry lol

!%0215:32:38!%03 (+Wolfie) i have a school child on my lap

<Sexy_Girl_15_UK> like when my gf is asleep and i'm bored enough to come back on here for more bollocks <Morlock|off> are you lesbo!%09 <Morlock|off> :P <Sexy_Girl_15_UK> i'll be anything you want for a price

<@GanjaMan> i have lasnya (sp) to reheat if i cba

<Mr_Bandit> Processor speeds it up loads and RAM but not as much as the processor or the CPU is quite fast if u upgrade it has it got a driver for the CPU!%09

<+RossMcColl> spurs will beat you in the league

<Miel> i call me dildo Lazerus

<ArKanis> how old are you Claudia_jolie !%09 | <Claudia_jolie> 25 f | <ArKanis> i don't care about the f

<Wolfie> you're just gay <GanjaMan> u wish <GanjaMan> + i wish

<Gazza> Americans have Barrack Obama, Johny Cash, Bob Hope and Bob Dole.. we've got Gordon Brown, no cash, no hope and every one on the fucking dole!

<Grebe> evenin' | <Miel> hey babe | <Grebe> <3 | <Miel> <3 | <Miel> who ever the fuck you are

<Megazilla> Speak english you cock. <Perfekt> harsh... !%08 England spanks Megazilla !%08 England licks Perfekt <GanjaMan> and dont call my friend benny a cock! he's a fucktard, pisshead, nobcheese, and much more, but he aint no cock!

<Scotas> Every single word I say is bullshit

<Komodo+> dominance <Carl@> sounds gay to me


!%0223:33:34!%03 (GanjaMan) +b Grebe | !%0223:33:34!%03 ??? England (Sets mode: +b !%08!ganjaman@GanjaMan.users.quakenet.org) | !%0223:33:35!%03 ??? GanjaMan has been kicked by England (I'm sorry Dave, I cannot do that.)

<RossMcClaus> i told my wife i was going to cum down her chimney <RossMcClaus> which is why i'm alone on irc drinking whiskey

<GanjaMan> if men had tits and a fanny i'd be bi, but sorry cock just looks disgusting to me

<dr_P_samulson> as your nick shows that you will be speak urdu | <dr_P_samulson> ganja man | <dr_P_samulson> its mean in urdu a person who has no hair on his head

<Grebe> does it matter which way round the jumper goes in!%09

<@Carl> faggots are nice

<Scotas> i think arnolds last name is racist

<ibaneez> i should stop putting lsd in my coffee instead of sugar

<Wolfie> yes i am chav

<Wolfie> facebook... the place for stupid people | <GanjaMan> fo i'm on it :( | <Grebe> me too! | <Wolfie> point proven

GanjaMan > i was more thinking of u with the 15y/o Jaya :)

<GanjaMan> or, and dont laugh, if u know someone with a cat try n get something thats been pissed on, cos cats piss will keep any rodents

<RossMcColl> two fit 20 year olds were trying to pull me tonight | <RossMcColl> until they saw wedding ring | <oss> im sure they wasnt trying to pull you really they was just trying to get friendly with you to get fraZies email address | <fraZie> yeah u know it

<Grebe> i am already special

<+Jaya> Promise you'll where a stab-proof vest!%09 <+Perfekt> wear!%08



<Wolfie> wow is such a shit game

<+Grebe> hes perfection

<@GanjaMan> i've a black nob

<Perfekt> gaysex is underrated

<Kampin_Bunny> just used my stethoscope to check | <Kampin_Bunny> dont think i am having a heart attack :(

<JackSchitt> our royal family is german

<+andy---> my penis is about 9 cm


<Zak> i've been lurking around my flat since monday, got so sick of it i went back to work today despite feeling like i'd been raped by a bison

!%0220:21:11!%03 (+Perfekt) as long as they are convincing, <3 trannies

<Riccc> i like to melt candle wax to my chest when im wanking | <Riccc> gives me that extra boost

<Kajia> !quote cunt | <Kajia> omg no quotes with cunt | <Kajia> wot a cunt

<Morlok|Carneval> oss u smoked too much ganja !%09 <Grebe> hes smoked too much GanjaMan

!%0204:16!%03 <oss> well, what a shit night | !%0204:16!%03 <oss> some girl thought i was gay.

<fraZachriZmas> ever shagged a bird | <Zak> never!%08

<+kampin_bunny> recreational bike riding on me sister

Bernard: ha, you reminded me... i felt an itch the other day, laying in bed with one leg up.. and there was a fucking 10mm spider building a web between my thigh and testicles

<Riccc`> its 20 to 3 and some load ass fucking lasses out side shouting their mouths off | <Riccc`> sound like 12 year chavs tbh | <Riccc`> gonna take a peek

<+oss> +v oss | <+oss> oh im already +v

<oss> i was looking for cheap hotels in london and accidentally typed in !%07under 12 triple anal porn!%07

<Riccc> that fucking russian lass would deathen u <GanjaMan> what a way to die tho <Riccc> playin tennis!%09 <GanjaMan> shagging her :p <Riccc> oh yeah

!%02Feusbeuket!%03 i'm your children !%06!%06

<Ric> I wank to animal porn

!%0219:53!%03 <+re!%03sexy> fag

!%0216:24!%03 <+Hessen> I'm on a diet though | !%0216:50!%03 <+Hessen> guess what I have | !%0216:50!%03 <+Hessen> chips and cully sauce

<Dazza> hmm <Dazza> Kate Mccann's being tipped to be the new England manager <Dazza> apparently she's only lost 1 in europe

<Zk`> In fact, just as most American men can't find a woman's clitoris, most Brits would point to their mate Trevor if they were asked where the cunt is.

<fraZie> why am i sharing pics | <fraZie> of my ass | <fraZie> with a lad | <fraZie> online

!%08 +Reaper|Work steals Jaya's boobs and runs away | <Jaya> Have my legs or something.| <Reaper|Work> you can't run away if i have your legs | Jaya Quit (Read error: Connection reset by peer)

<RossMcColl> that the 6 year old with no front teeth!%09 | <RossMcColl> bet she gives good head, no biting

<+oss> just for wanking!%09 <+zklw> as of just now, yeah {;DD} <+zklw> i've got a little bit kicking around on my hard drive

<fraZie> do u think im more attractive to ladies in a club when jay sean - ride it is playing!%09

<@GanjaMan> <3 <3 <3 <3 <3 <3 Wolfie <3 <3 <3 <3 <3 <3 | <@GanjaMan> hands off, he's mine!

<Jaya> Where did you go!%09 | <GanjaMan> prison | <Carl> my arse is hurting so much

<GanjaMan> really lol how the hell am i supposed to support his... <Sixxxxe> aoki, they made me tik will be fallowed from before how much time, and I now want my channel back/in return, I brought there the you L And Q.

<Grebe> GanjaMan! | <Grebe> your a cunt. | <Grebe> postman didnt come | <Grebe> :(

<Lanmate> get a better quote of me ffs

<Zak> if you had tits and a fanny i'd be gay FCN|M0rlock|S04

<Mr_Bandit> calling me a nigga Proud <Proud> im calling you a complete fucknugget you dipshit <Mr_Bandit> i dont like nuggets

<Perfekt> unlucky Darkus <Perfekt> Dazza- too <Perfekt> Darkus is just unlucky in general <Darkus> :( <Darkus> The highlight sound scared my cat and he dropped a vase off the table it broke. :(

<RossMcColl> you want to get an arab inflatable doll | <RossMcColl> they blow themselves up

<@GanjaMan> fs i just asked my mother if i got the wireless on her laptop working, and her reply was !%07i didnt know i could listen to the radio on it!%07

<oss> i nicked a cheque out of my birds cheque book the other day and wrote it out to me for £1,000,000 <oss> ive not cashed it yet

<Hessen> I remember during my height of playing lotro, someone at work asking me what I did last ngiht and me replying !%07I spent 4 hours farming pipeweed and taters with my level 42 hobbit!%07

<Kajia> Saucy u sed wanted him again <Kajia> cos he was good in bed <Saucy> +Kajia i mite of said tht so i didnt hurt his feelings

<GanjaMan> i wish i had a penis of eternal hardness :(

Wolfie+> pretty much know everything

!%0214:06:14!%03 !%02@GanjaMan!%03 brb gotta find fags cos i'm gagging

!%0220:04:29!%03 (+Riccc) besaliality porn scares me | !%0220:04:39!%03 (+Riccc) the blokes dont even use lube when they shag those donkeys

<GanjaMan> mmm cock

<oss> i hate mcdonalds burgers <oss> they make me need a shit in about 10 minutes <oss> or more appropriate what are you going to be shitting out in 10 minutes

<Mr_Bandit> would any over 21 year old girls give me a blowjob <ganjaman> sure Mr_Bandit whats ur address and i'll make my way over <Dave> take a microscope and tweezers gm <Mr_Bandit> ffs im not gay! <ganjaman> dont knock it till u tried it Mr_Bandit

<christmoss> man chrsitmas shopping is fucking bullshit

<Scotas> I just got told that it's friday <Scotas> I thought it was thursday <Scotas> shit <Scotas> I lost whole day

<@GanjaMan> Miel cos it reminds me of when i was naughty as a kid like when i burnt down a petrol station by accident, and my mother screaming !%07DAAAAAAAAVID!%07

<GanjaMan> u got bigger tits that my gf :( <RossMcColl> kids drank her dry hu <GanjaMan> yer <RossMcColl> or was it you! <GanjaMan> chance would be a fine thing

<@GanjaMan> find me something more interesting on sky Grebe <+Grebe> my super sweet 16 <@GanjaMan> i've seen most of them

<nb!%01PiraO> FCN|M0rlock You are my idol <GanjaMan> he's almost the same for me, he's my lovedol

<Hessen> one of my mates who went to uni with a group of mates he's still friends with, got a 2.2 where they all got 2.1 - and everytime they're out drinking they make him wear a tutu and they all call him desmond even though his name is Phil

!%08 +Grebe slaps Neuromancer around a bit with a large trout | !%08 +Neuromancer touches <nick> with a twenty-foot rusty halberd

<RossMcColl> she's a sweet kid, but she's only 21 <RossMcColl> reminds me of a younger better looking version of my wife

!%02+Master!%06!%03: trust me u dont want to chanlev !%02+Master!%06!%03: like 1k users !%02@GanjaMan!%03: oh u fucking tard GanjaMan !%02@GanjaMan!%03: i just dumped the complete chanlev :|

<GanjaMan> speaking of tans, i got a tip... dont wear white shorts if ur in and out of a pool in spain, and sun bathing, cos fuck me sun burn on ya nob hurts :p

<Mr`Toon> i can't tolerate thick people like, which is kind of ironic seeing as i live in newcastle like lol

!%0223:01!%03 <+re!%03> I fuck my hand

<Grebe> if u had a 7!%07 cock...why wud u want it bigger | <Grebe> im happy with my 3!%07 one

<oss> i got a bit of lego up my nose as a kid ¬_¬

!%08 Q (TheQBot@CServe.quakenet.org) Quit (Killed (!%08.quakenet.org (Nick collision)))

<RossMcColl> every time Henman loses a semi-final, a welsh sheep gets an orgasm

<Wolfie> anyoen watch the it crowd!%09 | <zklw> you'd need a personality removal to find it funny! | <Wolfie> it gets me in stitches so often

<oss> house 28 left their door open so we put a wheelie bin in their hall aswell

<Ganjaman> lol like the 1 i fancy who's sexy but is a beast in bed :p <Ganjaman> its called james...

!%02+Kampin_Bunny!%03 what day is it | !%02+Wolfie!%03 wednesday i think | !%02+Kampin_Bunny!%03 shit | Kampin_Bunny (~bunny@Kampin_Bunny.users.quakenet.org) has Quit : (Signed off) | !%02@Carl2!%03 when do you think he will realise its thursday

<christmoss> altho ive been over a 4 weeks since i kicked a girls back door in

<MissJones> Hrmm. Yes. Pre stressed concrete totally gets me all hot.

<cyberia> asl is usb female plug!%09

<Federer> shit on shirt, maybe you can wear brown next time youre at the station

<GanjaMan> im gay

!%0222:11:26!%03 (@GanjaMan) and no Grebe, he's still sexy as hell ul :p

<fraZie> ow my cock and dick is a chick fucking magnet

<Wolfie> i wish i could masturbate and watch porn at the same time

<fraZachriZmas> think ive raped sum1 Carldolf

<+re!%03sexy> fag <+jack`aw> sometimes i wish i was

<GanjaMan> lol 1 night me and some m8s ended up in a gay club there so yer wise move :p

!%0220:09!%03 <@GanjaMan> she looks like a giant toilet roll holder

<master!%06> some 16 year old girl msn me | <master!%06> i dont rememebr adding her | <master!%06> she says been on my msn 3/4 years


<fraZie> she'd be lucky to get a hot piece of ass like me | <fraZie> my tight pecs and buns

<Tonooey> PoshBabe got a photo!%09 :)| !%08 PoshBabe has left #england

<GanjaMan> dunno oss but me granny shagged a GI in the war while my pops was in a pow camp, so thats what i call myself :p

<GanjaMan> do u ever get a spot on ur thigh where ur nob or balls rest!%09

!%0221:39:27!%03 <nice> hello, maybe I can find here a girle who will be my wife

Kajia: Have you ever had it up your ass N1kz0r!%09 | oss: i love it when ya belly tingles, thats the best bit.

<Avalyn> Id love to see elduke in real life, I bet hes a businessman, goes to work in a suit everyday, clean cut and utterly sensible, then he comes home and its like jekyll and hyde, and he just twists into some sorta nutcase obsessed with the kkk.

<!%01PX!%01eC|koz> whats happening in london!%09!%09!%09 <!%01PX!%01eC|koz> is that a terrorist attack !%09 <FCN|M0rlock> no ganjaman does his bollocks

<Komodo> - <Zak> + <Zak> honestly Komodo, you're so negative

<RossMcColl> Grebe: Living proof that cousins shouldn't marry

<NukeSpoon> www.dictionary.reference.com | NukeSpoon was kicked by England (Incorrect use of the English language.)

<fraZie> have u | <fraZie> ate some cum!%09 | <fraZie> i have | <fraZie> and it make me cough

<fraZie> your belly tingles when you take a big one up the arse, FACT.

<Wolfeh> i popped a spot on my nose yesterday and now it looks like someone put a ciggy out on my nose

<@Carl> omg its jaya reincarnated as RossMcColl <@GanjaMan> eeww shag her

<Ad3l> I wanna go back in time and live in south africa when it was cool to be a cracker

<fraZie> fingered a lass when i was 6 | <fraZie> i dunno if it was her ahole now or what

<+RossMcColl> I bet Aunt Bessie has shagged Mr Kipling

<GanjaMan> what made me laugh is my m8s been doing it years and has years more road experience than me, so he's filming me on hard bits waiting for me to fall off. he fell off twice, me never :D

<GanjaMan> stfu GanjaMan

<fraZie> made a cunt of myself | <oss> makes a change

!%0214:13!%03 <+Zak> i've experienced both ways

<FederyXmas> need one more for scatparty!%09 pm

<Mr_Bandit> fs cant download a ftp site

<Riccc> im gonna have a wank to my own picture tbh i cant find anything that seems to arouse me atm

<GanjaMan> sshhh ffs u lot. i'm trying to wank over my pic cos damn i look hot :p

<Carl> they fight when they cant get in my mouth at the same time

<Jebedaiah> DarthMorlock oh yeah fuck me hard and your tiny little nippels went to france

<RossMcColl> GanjaMan you're too obsesses with ladybois <GanjaMan> damn right

!%0216:57!%03 <DannyBoy> no they are rubbish - !%0216:57!%03 <DannyBoy> just wank off inside them

<oss> il deop my self, but you better watch your self blade <oss> IM ON TO YOU

<ElDuke> come to me for fisting

<Grebe> my boss sent me an email saying !%07i hope you took your swim suit!%07

!%0223:14:41!%03 (@GanjaMan) it best be pics of hard cocks!



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